Sometimes your GPS can be great and sometimes your GPS can be dead wrong. Bad GPS was probably the case when it came to a luxury bus and the unfortunate mishap that took place in Portland over the weekend.

Shared on Reddit by braznaavtrav, a Cyr bus lines driver made the mistake of turning onto Summit Street in Portland not having any idea just how steep the road became immediately. Unfortunately for the driver and the passengers, that bus was never going to make it up Summit. Instead, as the photo above shows, the back wheels came off the ground and the bus had to be evacuated until help could arrive.

So why was this luxury bus even attempting to turn onto Summit Street? As one astute Redditor commented below this post, the large amount of construction on Washington Avenue has led to traffic snarls. Most GPS services will reroute to avoid traffic, which can involve smaller side streets that are less traveled. That appears to be the case here.


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