Well, this is new.  A cat café is opening in Newmarket!

Kaitlynn Ferretti is launching her new “pet project” at 90 Main Street.

According to Unionleader.com, Kaitlyn says it will be “a space where people can socialize with adoptable cats, and if they fall in love with one, they can apply to take it home.”

The 31-year-old continued, “I also want to provide a space where people who don’t have cats can socialize in a relaxed environment.”

The new business will be called The Tipsy Tabby Cat Café, and Ferretti told the unionleader.com that it will feature hot drinks and baked goods along with the friendly felines.

While this is believed to be the first café of its kind here in the granite state, it’s not a new concept!

According to Unionleader.com, these cafés are very popular in Japan and other Asian countries.

Ferretti plans to team up with Cat Tales Rescue in Seabrook and foster some of their cats up for adoption.  She said at any given time, there could be up to 10 cats at the café.

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