Can you believe there is a Fancy Restaurant in Michigan that is in a Maine Barn?


Sylvan Table is a high-end restaurant in Sylvan Lake, Michigan that features the farm-to-table in the freshest way possible.  The restaurant is on a farm. When they say Farm to the table they mean walk outside and pick it super fresh.  The food looks amazing, and the concept is cool but the building itself is a showstopper.


Barn in Maine Taken Apart


The owners acquired a 300-year-old large barn in Maine, took it apart, and transported it across the country.  It must have been like constructing a jigsaw puzzle.  Once they put it back together, they added new features including 2 levels of dining, an 8-foot wood-fired grill, which I am sure was not part of the original barn, 2 wood fireplaces, and a glass roof solarium.  I love exploring Maine, but I have yet to come across a barn with a sunroof.


If you Head to Michigan to See the Barn…


This is an architectural feat I would like to see in person.  I can’t imagine taking apart a 300-year-old barn and putting it back together.  I suppose you would have to number the pieces as you took it apart to put it back together and the cost of such a project must have been astronomical.  You can see pictures of the building and the food they serve on their Facebook page and it does look really cool.  Both the food and the building.  I admire the work that must have been put into the project, but you would think they could find a barn in Michigan.






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