The political season is upon us! I think it is natural for people to assume that if a restaurant hosts a certain candidate, they support and endorse that candidate and their policies. Chez Vachon, a Manchester spot famous for its poutine-eating challenge, reminds us that they have no affiliation with the candidates that visit their establishment over the next few months.

I think if Poutine was elected President and Crepes was Vice our country would be a peaceful place. I mean really, what would we have to argue about?

Other delicious potential candidates for 2020:

Eggs Benedict for President and homefries for Vice
Coffee for President and Half and Half for Vice
Pancakes for President and Mrs. Butterworth's for Vice
Waffles for President and Whipped Creme for Vice
French Toast for President and Bacon for Vice

All strong candidates but I refuse to reveal my political affiliation as I could get myself in a sticky, syrupy situation. SHOOT! I just gave it away. Okay fine, I'm voting for pancakes.

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