My Alma Mater, making me proud!

I never had Professor Joseph Bartolomeo but apparently he has been teaching Enlgish at UMASS Amherst for 30 years. He is also the associate Dean of the University!

Professor Bartolomeo has been a long time trivia buff and Jeopardy fan so appearing on the show was definitely something on his bucket list!

In late September Bartolomeo traveled to California to tape his appearance on the show and he said it went better than he expected.

The production staff was good-humored and supportive, the other contestants friendly and engaging, and Alex Trebek a consummate professional,”

He would not reveal detaills about his performance. I watched the outcome last night and his two day streak ended but he left with 36,500, not too shabby! And just to be on the show in the first place is an awesome feat.

As the Minutemen say: Go. Go U. Go UMASS. GO UMASS!

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