Had I been 15 and at an age where getting pregnant would be a total scandal, and my maturity level was questionable at best, I may have giggled at a fake pregnancy announcement on Facebook for April Fools Day. It takes all of 2 seconds to get an ultrasound picture so it's a low-effort prank with the potential for massive shock value.

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I wouldn't have done it simply to avoid giving my family a heart attack.

Now that I'm nearly 32, and while childless myself, I have a completely different take on the "joke".

Just Don't

At nearly 32 years of age, I haven't been in a place to even consider having kids but I do hope that it will happen for me one day.

What I do have are friends that have desired to become moms others put into action planning and trying to become mothers.

They start off by trying the old-fashioned way. Just hoping one of those times it would stick after going off the pill. Nothing. Then come the doctor's appointments to figure out what the deal could be. For some, IVF. Needles. Money. Appointment after appointment. Tears. Hopes. A pain that I can't even begin to imagine.

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Then I have the friends who have received the news they have been so eager to hear, "You're pregnant!", only to then miscarry the baby they grew to love so much in a short period of time. Some go so far as to deliver and complications are too much. There are infinite examples of loss.

Now imagine those women in mourning. Women who wish so badly that they had a baby in their belly. That they could feel the kicks. Even welcome the morning sickness. They're scrolling social media and see your post. They can't help but be overjoyed for you receiving the gift they so desire.

Then only to find out it was a joke.

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It doesn't seem that funny, does it?

Trust me when I say that many of your Facebook friends know this pain. The vast majority are silent about it and I get it. As much as one can without direct experience, anyway. I've even thought about myself and with my public career how I would handle a pregnancy. Honestly, I would wait a significant amount of time before sharing with my audience in fear that something would happen and I would then have to explain why I was no longer expecting. It's a lot to even have to think about, let alone live out.

The pain is real. I have seen it in friend after friend. Heard the stories. The trauma and again I can assure you that making light of what they desire more than anything in the world is not funny.


So instead, put some toothpaste in your boyfriend's Oreos. Photoshop a selfie with your favorite celeb and claim that you met them down at Hannaford. Tell your sister you lost one of her Air Pods. There are plenty of other options out there.

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