This has item has been all over the news recently and since I'm not a mother or a runner for that matter, I thought I'd ask our listeners who are "mom's" and/or "runners" for their opinion. So, let's have it.

Getty Images Ian Waldie

If you haven't seen this story online or on television, check it out. The New York Times article is fairly lengthy, so if you don't have that kind of time, just watch the video. As I mentioned earlier, I am neither a mother nor a runner, but it just looks like it's totally uncomfortable so far into your pregnancy. I mean, seriously, what if you trip and fall, become dehydrated, or heaven forbid, go into labor? I got scared just looking at the woman in the video.

I think Pilates/Yoga or walking or various gym equipment would be the extent of exercise I would do late into a pregnancy.  You?

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