This is honestly a huge bummer to read and hear about, because I 100% love me some Dover and I KNOW we are better than this. When I lived there (and honestly hope to again someday), it became a true home for me SO quickly because the community is just second-to-none.

Downtown Dover is just an amazing place to spend summer days walking around, the community is incredible and really looks out for each other -- sure, every great town or city has their incidents, but I just feel like it's happened a lot more lately and Dover is SO much better than this.

While scrolling through The (un)Official City of Dover, NH Facebook page over the last few days, a couple of different posts popped out to me. The first that I noticed involved a porch pirate.

Cassandra Driscoll via Facebook
Cassandra Driscoll via Facebook

Cassandra Driscoll posted the above pictures into The (un)Official City of Dover, NH, which show somebody almost dressed like Marty McFly from Back to the Future (which I would normally give props to since that's my favorite movie, but since this dude stole, no dice) walking up to a house on what Cassandra said is on Belknap St and swiping a package on Saturday afternoon.

There's been no updates on this post since Saturday, so it looks like they made a clean getaway, but obviously if possible, take your packages in as quickly as possible, have someone else (that you know) snag them for you, or do one of those set-ups with your delivery service to store them somewhere that only you have access to.

In that same Facebook group just last night, Timothy Maglaras posted that his F350 was parked out at the Marina and overnight at some point, "a string of crooks" cut out his catalytic converter as well as his muffler. The comments section blew up on this post talking about similar incidents around the Seacoast, too.

Ronnie Ahlquist: "A church/food pantry got hit with this crime. They took the converter from the church's truck in Milton."

Ryan Christenbury: "One of the barbers downtown was saying his got cut out in Rochester not that long ago."

Interestingly enough, a man named Tim Laing came across a posting in Rochester about getting money in return for old catalytic converters, which made a lot of people in that comment thread think that it was a possible cause of the uptick in catalytic converters being swiped.

Do your best to keep your property protected and safe, friends. Hopefully with more in the know about what's been happening and the police being notified and on the lookout, these types of things will slow down and eventually stop happening. Dover and the other parts of the Seacoast are way better than this type of stuff, and we all know it.

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