I for one, am so thankful this company has decided to make this change. Now, maybe I can walk through a mall without getting a headache.

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I know I sound like an old lady yelling 'Get Off My Lawn,' but I'll be honest with you, the perfume that wafted out of Abercrombie and Fitch would literally leave me with a headache. Every single time I walked past one of their stores.

I would even go as far as walking on the opposite side of the mall, so I wouldn't get bombarded with the scent.

But recently, A&F decided to ease up on the perfume. According to an article by Retail Next/Retail Dive, the company will still 'subtly scent' their stores, but they are giving up the heavy perfume for a “lighter, cleaner, gender-neutral fragrance.' The inside of the Abercrombie and Fitch stores will change as well. Interiors will feature cork, bronze, galvanized steel, concrete, vegan leather, wood and marble.