New Hampshire is a great place to live! We have it all. The ocean, Mount Washington, Lake Winnipesaukee, Story Land, the first library in America and so much more! And taxes? Who needs 'em! It is a terrific place to raise a family. Of course when you are considering moving anywhere, ideally you would like to buy/rent property in a safe town with low crime rates. I was surprised to see ZERO New Hampshire cities on a list released by of the top 100 safest cities in 2021. However, our neighbors to the south, Massachusetts, had 17 cities make the list!  Massachusetts even cultivated the top two spots with Hopkinton at #1 and Franklin at #2.

So what data did gather in order to create this list? EXCELLENT QUESTION! According to the article they analyzed FBI crime report statistics. They assessed the number of violent crimes as well as property crimes that were committed in each city during the year. Of course crime rates were down during the pandemic because no one was leaving their house! I imagine it's difficult to burgle someone's home when there is always someone in it! Places with populations lower than 2,500 were excluded from the list since they are considered rural.

Even though New Hampshire didn't make the top 100, still ranked our top 10 safest cities for 2021 and here they are:

1. Danville
2. Brookline
3. Atkinson
4. New Boston
5. Durham
6. Nottingham
7. Hopkinton
8. Sandown
9. Deerfield

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