A few months back, B.C, (before Corona) we were talking about the strange things our listeners did when their significant others weren't around. The phones rang like crazy and we got some of my favorite calls of all time. One young lady called in to admit that she likes to drink salad dressing straight from the bottle when her boyfriend isn't around. ( A creamy Caesar to be specific) Another guy called in and said that he has a skincare routine that he saves for when his wife is out of town. (He didn't want her to sneak a photo of him in a face mask and post it on social media)

Our new way of life doesn't allow for much time apart from our significant others. As a result, all of that weird behavior is just out in the open! I noticed my husband Steven enjoys watching hours upon hours of other people playing video games. He tells me they are professionals and are playing for millions of dollars. It doesn't make it anymore exciting for me.

Don't worry, I have some strange behavior too! After I shower, I like to sit in my towel for 20-30 mins and play on my phone. This is something I do if I have a little more time on my hands (which we all do as of late) We took this topic to the Facebook page and asked "Normal or Not"? 98% of people said it was completely normal and they do it too! It was so refreshing to hear that I am not alone! And the 2% who don't partake in this behavior say they would be too cold which is totally understandable.

Have you discovered any interesting behavior from your significant other as were all spending more time at home?

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