Snowbell currently resides at the Cocheco Valley Humane Society and recently lost his bonded buddy, leaving him feeling a bit lonely. Can you help him?

If you've never seen bonded bunnies, you may be unaware of how sweet and loving these creatures can be toward one another. Seven year old Snowbell is a neutered mini rex in need of home who has a bunny already, a kind cat who'll play with him or owners who have time to devote adequate attention to this sweet little dude.

As someone with a pair of bunnies at home, I can vouch for what fun and cuddly pets they are. Might I recommend a great resource for current and prospective bunny adopters?  The House Rabbit Society at does fantastic work and offer tons of info on how to care for your new friend.

Snowbell is super sweet and will win your heart over in just minutes. Stop by the Cocheco Valley Humane Society at 262 County Farm Road in Dover to meet him!

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