The 13 week old puppy still needs a name.

The Manchester Police Department will soon have another rookie on the force, and is already earning the respect (and hearts) of coworkers and the community. According to their Facebook page, the Manchester Police Department have added a comfort dog to the police force. The 13 week-old doesn't have a name, and will still require training. Officer Justin Breton will take over the role  of comfort dog handler, and once trained will work with the dog on a daily basis. The city of Manchester was able to receive the pup  through grant money working with the city’s health dept. Funding for the dog's care will come from various donations.

The unnamed officer will be a crucial part of Manchester's force. Comfort dogs have been used in other communities, and are specifically trained to to help in difficult incidents. Also, according to, dogs transcend cultures, religious beliefs and political affiliations, and can provide a segue into establishing stronger relationships with diverse populations.

The dog came from New Hampshire based Hero Pups, who pair pups with veterans and first responders.



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