You read that title correctly. Fish and Game officers have taken an alligator and an opossum from a New Hampshire woman’s home in Claremont after officials issued a search warrant, according to reporting by CBS Boston.

I have so many questions. Questions like how do you keep an alligator with an opossum?  Were they friends? Did they get along? Were they pets? How do you keep an alligator from eating the opossum?

According to the news station, officials shared pictures on their NH Fish and Game Law Enforcement Division and Operation Game Thief page.

It was reportedly a small alligator, but it was only going to get bigger.

Officials say the animals have been placed in licensed facilities that are equipped to handle such creatures.

What makes a person wake up one day and say “yeah, I should get an alligator.”  And where do you even get an alligator in New Hampshire?

I would advise you not to try and get these pets as the woman accused of having the animals has been charged with illegal possession of an American Alligator and an Opossum.

I get the pandemic has a lot of us craving animal companionship.  I hear pet adoptions are way up.  My cat has really helped me cope with the feelings of sadness during this trying time, but I can’t imagine curling up with an opossum and a good book and feeling content.

I have had exactly one encounter with an opossum in my life and it was one too many. I grew up in a city and when I first saw this creature I ran into the house and told my wife there was the ugliest dead cat outside.  She grew up on a farm and investigated and told me it was an opossum, and it was just playing dead and would be fine.

I was more concerned with ME being fine, but she cares about critters more than me I suppose.

Bottom line, if you are feeling lonely, adopt a cat or dog from your local shelter and stay away from alligators and possums, they will just get you in trouble.

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