We are usually very excited to see our Amazon delivery drivers pull into our driveway! It means our goodies that we ordered that we probably don't need have arrived at last! I swear I really needed to order that 10 pack of microphone covers in every shade of the rainbow. That was necessary!

A family in Woburn, Massachusetts, is eternally grateful for an Amazon driver named John Cassabria who did way more than deliver their precious packages.

According to WHDH, this was an instance of being at the right place at the right time. John was delivering packages and heard a noise coming from the backyard, the news station reported, and e peered over the fence and could just make out a dogs snout in the pool.

He hopped the fence and could tell the Husky was struggling, according to WHDH, and without even thinking about it he dove into the pool to save the animal.

The site states the dog's name is Luka and she is 14-years-old. Her owners were out of town in Cape Cod. It is unclear how long she was struggling for in the pool.

By the time John got there she was exhausted from trying to keep afloat and didn't have the strength to lift herself up, according to the news station.

It is a miracle that he got there when he did!

He released a statement that said:

“Animals are my life and I can’t imagine what I’d do if my dog was in Luka’s situation,” Cassabria said. “I love working as an Amazon delivery driver and I am so thankful the universe placed me in a position to save Luka’s life.”

Well done, Chris! Not all heroes wear capes. some wear a snazzy polo with the Amazon logo on it.

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