Here we go, New England.

We've been waiting for a while for one of America's favorite shows to come back to the Northeast, and it's finally happening.

One of The History Channel's most popular shows, American Pickers, premiered in 2010 and has over 360 episodes over 24 seasons.

Now the show will be back in New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont to do some more pickin'.  This is not like going to your grandma's house and picking through her old stuff, nor is it for antique or retail stores.  The team is looking for private collections – especially large collections – to consider.

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Mike Wolfe, Danielle Colby, and Robbie Wolfe are coming to New England in August, so get your stuff ready if you think you have what they are looking for.  Pickers like to take old stuff and refurbish it to look like new, and can work magic on so many artifacts.

New England treasures include a lost Indian motorcycle, a record collection, a hidden Harley, the original Aerosmith van used when the band was just starting out (remember they lived in New Hampshire), and so many other cool items they've discovered in previous visits to New England.

Here's the post from American Pickers to announce they're coming back.

If you have followed American Pickers, you know that last year they found the original Aerosmith touring van in the woods of Chesterfield, Massachusetts.  They restored it to original glory and presented it to Aerosmith for the Las Vegas residency, according to

So, if you have a private collection or one of a kind cool item, get in touch with the team at

Happy hunting.

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