Move over, Museum of Science. There's a new museum in town, and this one has ice cream.

The Museum of Ice Cream is a real thing, and it is opening this summer in Boston.

The Museum of Ice Cream in Boston's Seaport will be an immersive museum unlike others you have been to.

The museum will feature TONS of bright pink experiences to channel your inner child.

There is a pink slide into a pink pool of sprinkles that is suitable for children and adults alike.

There is no set date yet for the opening of Boston's location. However, expect to see the opening date this year (2024).

There is already a lot of success within the Museum of Ice Cream though, as they already have locations in New York, Chicago, Austin, Miami, and Singapore, according to the museum website.

So what exactly will be in the museum? Ice cream, drinks and shakes, interactive exhibits, slides, monkey bars, and more.

The museum is kind of like a giant playground.

“Our goal is that Boston locals and guests will visit the museum and break from the traditional experience, by saying ‘yes’ to jumping in a pool of sprinkles, sliding down a two-story slide, playing in a baseball-themed carnival, and perhaps even sipping on a pinktini,” Museum of Ice Cream co-founder and co-CEO Manish Vora said, according to a article.

A lot of the marketing that I have seen is really geared toward adults bringing out their youth.  It seems to me that the goal of the museum is to bring adults to simpler times filled with playgrounds, play dates, and ice cream.

So there is a lot more going on inside than a history of ice cream lesson with an ice cream parlor.

Check out the Museum of Ice Cream website to see when the Boston Seaport location will be opening.

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