Ugh!  Not a shocker if it happens because we all know the drill when it comes to New England weather and Mother Nature.   It can be like whip-lash weather basically.  I mean we're used to our Spring weather requiring a jacket or coat in the morning and shorts by the afternoon.  Let's keep our fingers crossed that this misses us as it just may do, and we can stick around in our comfortable Spring 50s.

According to the Weather Channel, this burst of cold air that could result in frost and freezing temps for some of us starts in the plains states and Upper Midwest before eventually hitting the northeast and New England by the end of the weekend or beginning of next week.

The Weather Channel says for us here in New England we may see highs in the 40s which actually doesn't seem too bad.  Although higher elevations and areas further north may see a few degrees cooler of course.

NOAA via Weather Channel
NOAA via Weather Channel

However, according to the Weather Channel, this system could actually miss us and dip into the Texas Panhandle and stay south of us leaving those lovely 50s and even 60s in place for New England.   The Weather Channel adds that these temperatures will be much of a mainstay for the rest of April whether it's the much colder weather or what we're used to.

I'm okay with the norm at least since I enjoy Spring weather making a gradual arrival through April and May.  Just please make sure we're feeling summer by Memorial Day Weekend please Mother Nature.

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