Driving back and forth to work in the rain gets old quick. However, an old adage will ring true in the Granite State by this time next week.

In addition to "April showers bring May flowers," forecasters are calling for a huge warm-up starting late Tuesday. We're talking enough of a heat wave where you might want to map out your week early. Wednesday AND Thursday are quickly developing into well above normal status, with highs each day eclipsing the 80 degree mark in certain places.

Rain, which has already turned many lawns green, is moving out this afternoon. While a few weak systems will move through between now and then, the real payoff comes next week. This weekend might be a perfect time to tackle spring cleaning. Why work in the yard next week, when you could take care of business this weekend in much cooler weather? After all, with daylight stretching toward 8pm, you'll have the warm evenings for grilling and other leisure activities next week.

Moral of the story? Work now, play later.


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