Are people-operated Toll Booths going the way of Blockbuster Video Stores in the future?  It seems that may be an option on the Spaulding Turnpike. According to, The New Hampshire Department of Transportation held public meetings on the topic this week. According to  If you are interested in checking out the presentation, the materials will be available on the New Hampshire Department of Transportation’s website. There are two toll plazas on New Hampshire Route 16 that are proposed to be converted to all-electronic.

They are about 12 miles apart from each other.  I guess if you don’t have an EZPass, you should get one now, just in case the plan gets approved.  Of course, it will take time to convert the toll plaza and remove the administration building. I can’t believe I am nostalgic for toll booths.  I mean I have gotten directions from toll workers in the past and I enjoyed paying the toll occasionally for the car behind me.

I love that random act of kindness.  Most toll workers have been quick with a smile and made me feel welcome.  It seems that so many of our day-to-day interactions with people are being replaced with machines, I am not so sure I like this change.  Not to mention that if those toll booths are converted to all electronic, the toll workers will lose their jobs. Personally, I will miss the social interaction, even if it is only for a moment although I do like the convenience of EZPass.


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