One of the things I look forward to every year is the Hampton Beach Sand Sculpting Classic.

It always amazes me what can be created out of sand and water. Some artists are getting a head start for this year's Classic which will be held on Hampton Beach from September 3-5th. says that sponsor Greg Grady and his team will begin building their sponsor site with 200 tons of sand that will be dumped on the beach on August 28th.  The sponsor site alone will be 100 tons!

If the preview from Greg is any indication, it's going to be an amazing competition.

Fifteen finalists are chosen to be allowed to enter the competition with a $15,000 grand prize on the line!

The Hampton Beach Sand Scultiping Classic  is funded by the Hampton Beach Village District and Sponsors, in cooperation with The Hampton Area Chamber of Commerce and The NH Division of Parks, according to  On their Facebook page, they say that they have been working together with state and local officials to insure the public's health and welfare during the event.

Even the Governor stopped by to take a look.

According to, award winning sculptors come from all over the world to compete for top honors.  Last year, the winner was Mélineige Beauregard from Montreal, Canada.

Looking forward to see who takes the top spot this year!

If you want to check it out this year, you can even go at night. The entire area will be illuminated for night viewing through September 14th.

The Classic was supposed to take place back in June but was postponed due to Coronavirus. Find out more here.

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