Going to the movies is an activity for people of all ages. There is just something about kicking back and relaxing and watching something new (or old). Everyone has a favorite movie theater that they go to or one that they previously frequented, and being a celebrity is no exception to that fact.

Actor, writer, comedian, director, and author, B.J. Novak, is actually a New England native. He was born and raised in Newton, MA, and did not travel out of New England for college, he attended Harvard University. Maybe that is why his favorite movie theater is actually located right in Harvard Square. Out of all the cinemas that Novak has probably been to, he claims that the Brattle Theater is his favorite one.

Now, I have been to the Brattle Theater in the past, multiple times. It is a small theater with one screen, but it does have that little charm. Going to the Brattle, you can forget about having recliner seats, but you do still get to sit in comfortable seats on the floor or balcony, yes balcony.

Now what really makes the Brattle Theater interesting is the fact that they screen older movies. I remember going to the Brattle Theater to watch "Labyrinth" and "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles".

The Brattle Theater shows many films, just like any movie theater. They mostly play classics, cutting-edge films, and foreign films, and sometimes there are marathons of one director, genre, or subject.

This month, the Brattle Theater will actually be doing a special weekend screening of "The Thing" and "Blade Runner: Final Cut" to celebrate their 40th anniversary. The screenings will happen on Friday, August 19th, and Sunday, August 21st.

You can find tickets for this 40th anniversary double-screening event here.

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