I honestly did not think it was physically possible to eat a Kit Kat like this and for some reason it makes me uncomfortable. Very, very uncomfortable.

Much like everyone knows you don't eat a burrito with a knife and fork, it is general knowledge YOU DON'T JUST WILLY NILLY BITE INTO A KIT KAT WITHOUT BREAKING THE PIECES OFF! I'm flexible, but what kind of monster eats a Kit Kat like that?! It isn't human nature!

The sociopath in question is Giancarlo Stanton of the Florida Marlins, a player Sox fans had hoped to land prior to his signing $325M contract to stay in Florida. You read that right, a guy can make over 300 million dollars playing a game and not have a clue about the serious business of eating a candy bar properly.

We have his teammate Dee Gordon to thank for bringing this crime to light via Twitter.

There isn't a hint of remorse! How can you not feel shame over what you've done, Mr. Stanton! Do you eat two Twix bars at the same time? On second thought, don't tell me- I may not be prepared to handle the truth.