The Boston Red Sox finished off the 2018 regular season this past weekend at Fenway Park against their arch rival, the New York Yankees.

While the AL East Champion Red Sox wrapped up the series with on win on Sunday, things didn't go nearly as well on Friday and Saturday. The Sox lost both games before getting the W yesterday.

Boston wasn't the only loser on Saturday though. Things got a little ugly when a Red Sox fan sitting in the Green Monster seats got kicked out of the game for taking part in a time-honored Major League Baseball tradition.

MLB ballparks there's a tradition where fans will throw back a home run that's hit by the opposing team. Well, a Boston Red Sox fan strong-armed a throw that actually nailed Yankees
Giancarlo Stanton in the arm as he rounded second base, after the outfielder hit one into the Monster.

To his credit, Stanton looked into the stands and simply waved in acknowledgement. Security didn't take such a lighthearted approach. They ejected the fan. Which I a point. But he didn't mean to hit Stanton. And second of all...maybe someone from the Red Sox front office should see if he hit's as well as he throws. The guy has a heck of an arm. And Boston could always use an extra outfielder!




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