The Morning Waking Crew was talking about food this morning (what else is new). So, I figured I would conduct a quick survey on our social media sites.  Boy oh boy, our listeners are passionate about their soft drinks!

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At last check it was too tough to call a winner between Coke and Pepsi...

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...or Pepsi and Coke, however you want to word it.

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Morning clouds and fog turn to a mix of clouds and sun with a high of 75.  Becoming mostly sunny in the North Country with a high of 73.

Top News Stories

5 Missing Children Found Dead In Alabama 
Police say a father has led them to the bodies of his five children whom he's accused of killing. Police say Timothy Ray Jones allegedly killed his children in South Carolina and then drove to Alabama, where the bodies, individually wrapped in plastic bags, were dumped on a dirt road.

Hassan To Face Havenstein, Shaheen To Face Brown
First-term incumbent Governor Maggie Hassan has cruised to victory in the Democratic primary. She easily defeated Ian Freeman and Clecia Terrio yesterday. Hassan will face former defense industry executive Walt Havenstein in November. Meanwhile, former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown has won the Republican primary in New Hampshire. He will face Democratic first-term Senator Jeanne Shaheen. If successful, Brown would become only the third U.S. senator to serve multiple states.

Two Bodies Found In Maine Motel 
Maine state and local police are investigating the discovery of two dead bodies in a Biddeford motel. The bodies in a room at the Sleepy Hollow Motel on were reported at about 5:30 p.m. Tuesday. The cause of death has not been disclosed and police have not said whether the deaths were suspicious.

Stupid News

Pretending to have an injured arm is one way to get out of cooking and household duties.  Fake arm casts have become a big seller in South Korea.

Joke du Jour

Don couldn't decide whether to go to Salt Lake City or Denver for vacation, so he called the airline.  The rep said:
"Ok, the airfare to Denver is $300."  We have a great price on airfare to Salt Lake, just $99.  But, there  is a layover in Denver!"

Coming Up Thursday

Plus, we're going to be doing 'Military/Pubic Safety Shout-Outs' tomorrow morning.

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