When I was a kid I loved a Coke Float. Heck, who am I kidding...I still love a Coke Float and I'm a man of a certain age. In other words...I'm over 50 but still like to pretend I'm 17! But c'mon...who doesn't like a glass of Coca-Cola with a scoop or three of vanilla ice cream? It's as American as grilled cheese or a day at the beach.

Well now if you ever get the urge for that summertime classic, but you're not at home, you can stop by the closest Arby's and get a Coke Float for just $1.99. And according to Delish it's only $1 in July. This is a big announcement for Arby's because they had served Pepsi products for years.

Click HERE for a list of Arby's in New Hampshire.

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