According to, a 2010 Bedford High School graduate made his TV debut on Monday night. His name is Tyler MacKay and he now lives in Los Angeles, California. He hadn't found that right person yet, so he tried his hand at finding love on national TV!

ABC recently debuted the new series this Summer called "The Proposal". I haven't had the chance to watch it because it's on way past my bed time but the basic premise is there is a panel of 10 men competing for the heart of mystery companion. (who you don't get to see until the very end)

The mystery woman, Latoya Blakely, has impeccable taste and selected Tyler at the end of the episode. Instead of proposing to her, which is a pretty ridiculous thing to do after an hour of knowing someone, he invited her on trip to Cape Cod to meet his fam. And as you can see from the photo above, the trip happened!

Though Tyler's mom was a bit skeptical of him being on the show, she really likes Latoya and enjoyed meeting her.

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