The ultra popular sales tax-free holiday will return for a weekend in August. However, there are a few catches.

Massachusetts shoppers won't have to make the usual haul north of the border to save on sales tax August 17th and 18th. The Commonwealth is bringing back the state's sales tax holiday.  It's later this year. According to, Rep. Paul Donato told the State House News Service pushing the holiday back a week “would be a better time for businesses."

However, there are limits on what you can save the State's 6.25% tax on.

Blazing hot summer...thinking about a motorcycle or boat? Great! Just don't expect to save any coin that weekend, as it's on the list of items exempt.from tax free status. reported the list also includes tobacco products, gas, Motor vehicles, marijuana or marijuana products, alcoholic beverages, telecommunications services, steam (seriously, they want your steam money), electricity, and any single item that costs more than $2,500.

Also, if you're a business looking to purchase, you're paying tax. The holiday applies for personal use only. New this year, tax free meals. Then again, if you order a beer, there's a tax for that.


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