Have you ever seen Rio?  No, not Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.  Rio, the adorable new comfort dog.

I know we talk about mostly German Shepards and Labrador Retrievers as comfort dogs, but move over because here comes little Rio, a Bernedoodle who's stealing hearts and taking names in the Londonderry Police Department in New Hampshire.

Bernedoodles have a great disposition and are perfect as a comfort pet, and on patrol.  Although Rio's partner has not been announced yet, they will be over the next day or so, according to the Londonderry Police Department Facebook Page.

The newest addition to the Londonderry PD is garnering so much attention.  There are already requests from the Home Depot and City Hall for Rio to come visit.

Londonderry Police Department via Facebook
Londonderry Police Department via Facebook

Here are some of the other comments about this adorable officer.

Oh this melts my heart!!! Congratulations and proud of Londonderry making this happen!!!

I suddenly have the urge to go to LPD… be there soon


Welcome Pawfficer Rio! 👮🏻‍♂️💙🐾🐕

Not only am I a long-time member of the LPD family, I am a very experienced fur-mama. Need volunteer doggie sitting or anything at all, please DM me. I can't wait to help!

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Don't expect to see Rio around town for a while.  He'll need some intense training with his new partner before he's introduced to the public.  It will be worth the wait, and surely that pup will make the news on his first venture out. He's sure to cause a cute commotion wherever he goes, and bring plenty of comfort to the community of Londonderry.

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