This time of year, you can always count on the professional fireworks displays as well as your neighborhood light show to entertain kids and adults alike.

There will be many people shopping for their favorite brightly colored displays and maybe even those sparklers which I used to love waving around when I was kid! Are those even sold anymore?

Anyway, I digress, there are many businesses throughout the Granite State that sell fireworks. To give you a head start on shopping, we've listed some of the most popular stores, according to our listeners.  (in no particular order)...

Phantom Fireworks - multiple locations
Hilltop Fireworks - Somersworth
Atlas Fireworks - multiple locations
R & R Fireworks - Bethlehem
Fantasy Fireworks - Seabrook
North Country Fireworks - Tamworth

We hope you enjoy your Fourth of July holiday. Be safe and have fun!


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