Any of us who have worked retail know the dreaded words “I want to see a manager.”

Maybe we have been the customer that feels wronged enough to utter those words ourselves. But a man named David Leavitt who goes by the twitter handle @David_Leavitt took it to the next level.

When he spied an Oral B Electronic toothbrush with a price tag of one cent he demanded that the price be honored. When the manager, an unfortunate girl named Tori, refused, David Leavitt called the police to the Swansea, Massachusetts store, according to

The police informed Mr. Leavitt that he would have to file a complaint with Target to get them to honor the price and documented the incident, the news article stated.

But it didn’t end there.

@David_Leavitt took to the social media platform Twitter to air his compliant, complete with a photo of poor Tori looking downcast. I’m sure he posted the tweet looking for justice, but the story took an interesting turn.

More people sympathized with Tori.

They took to Twitter with the hashtag #TargetTori and set up a GoFundMe Page to raise money for the girl to get a much-needed vacation.

As of the date of the article on, more than $30,000 has been raised and #TargetTori has posted a message of thanks and gratitude.

I’m quite sure Mr. Leavitt just wanted a cheap or free toothbrush but perhaps he got a lesson in manners. #TargetTori for the win.


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