The ocean and nature have many mysteries.  A fisherman from York, Maine found a truly bizarre lobster in his catch on Tuesday.

Josh O’Brien, an experienced fisherman, has only come across something like this once before according to reporting from Boston25News.


The lobster in question has a baby claw growing out of its normal claw.  It looks like something out of a science fiction movie.  Josh O’Brien was out on York Harbor in his boat the Ashely C when he made the catch on Tuesday.

According to Boston25News, far from being turned off by the lobster’s appearance, Josh said: “It’s neat to see something like this out of the ordinary and keeps things interesting on the boat.”

The lobster appears fine to eat, and maybe there will be a bonus of a little extra meat from the claw, Just kidding.  I don’t think I would find this lobster very appetizing.


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