Blake's ninth studio album is here and it features the hit single 'Neon Light.' 


Blake Shelton

Kind of ironic the title of the CD is 'Bringing Back the Sunshine' and the first single is 'Neon Light' yet, the cover art is black and white!  But it's Blake Shelton, he can do whatever he wants and it will make money!

With NBC's The Voice, being a spokesman for Pizza Hut and being married to Miranda Lambert, Blake is one of those country artists who knows how good he has it. He's a down-to-earth, run-of-the-mill guy who realizes his fame could all be gone one day. I think that's what makes him so loved by so many. He gets it. If you follow him on Twitter, you realize how funny he is and how he can poke fun at himself. Many artists take themselves waaaay too seriously, but not BS! (another beautiful piece of irony!)

Will you be purchasing a copy of the CD or will you just buy one or two cuts on iTunes? Are you a Blake fan?  What about Miranda?  Do you watch "The Voice?" Do you eat pizza from Pizza Hut? Have I asked too many questions?

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