Doctor skipped out on surgery finally learns his fate

The wheels of justice, and the medical board, run slow.  Dr. Tony Tannoury worked at the Boston Medical Center and was the attending surgeon for trauma emergencies in November of 2016.  He is now the head of spine surgery at Boston Medical Center.  Back in 2016, he left an operating room to have lunch in his car and fell asleep according to reporting by  The surgery had to be completed by the chief resident at the time.


The Doctor Learned a Lesson


A spokesperson for the hospital said “Dr. Tony Tannoury was covering an evening on-call shift when this case arrived at Boston Medical Center in 2016.  This was an emergent injury, not a previously scheduled procedure.  BMC formally reprimanded Dr. Tannoury and reported the incident to the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine.  The patient was notified of the situation and the surgical outcome was positive,” according to  No one was hurt and he must be a very good doctor because he is the director of spine services at Boston Medical Center currently and he is in good standing there.


Tired Doctors


I just take for granted that the medical staff that is treating me or one of my children for an emergency is fed and not sleep deprived.  While some may see this story and think the doctor just got a slap on the wrist from the medical board with a fine of $6,000 remember that no one got hurt, thank goodness.  No one remembers the first responders and doctors and nurses that are working through hours of exhausting making judgment calls that mean life or death on a daily basis, so I am willing to give this doctor a break.  They should be able to get more sleep.  Glad no one suffered and the surgery had a positive outcome.

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