Who is the “Mighty Quinn?”


Some of you may have heard of Quinn Waters of Weymouth, Massachusetts, and his brave fight against childhood cancer.  Quinn was only 3 when he received the diagnosis of medulloblastoma.  Because of the treatment for his cancer weakened his immune system, people came to visit at this home by using what the family referred to as the “Quinn-dow” according to boston.com.


Quinn’s Mighty Family


Quinn’s family has used social media platforms to inform the public about the need for blood donations and platelet donations.  The family tells boston.com “We did not realize how important blood donations were until we needed them.  For Quinn, we saw an instant reaction to getting a blood transfusion and getting platelet transfusions.”  Quinn just keeps fighting with a strength I don’t know that I would ever possess, and he is only 5.


Quinn’s Fight


Quinn has been fighting cancer with a power that earned him the nickname “The Mighty Quinn” but sadly, he discovered this February that his cancer had returned.  He is only 5 years old and he is a fighter.  This weekend, the Mighty Quinn was able to throw out the first pitch at the Boston v. Philadelphia game at Fenway Park on Saturday.    Let’s hope this first pitch helps raise awareness that children’s cancer needs to be researched and we need an end to it.  We also need to keep up with our blood donations.  Way to go Mighty Quinn!  Keep fighting the good fight.  For information on how you can donate blood, contact your local Red Cross.



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