Shockingly, I've never watched the show "Naked and Afraid" on the Discovery Channel. I am, of course, very intrigued by the concept and think any contestant on that show is next level brave. My survival skills are certainly not up for the challenge. I can barely find something to eat in my own fridge, never mind out in the wild!

According to the Bangor Daily News, Ryan Holt from Roxbury, Maine is no stranger to the "Naked and Afraid" film set.

He will star in the upcoming season which will be his fifth time on the show and longest challenge of them all.

Ryan will be faced with challenge of surviving in the Louisiana swamps with very few tools and of course, zero clothing. Do they have alligators? Sho 'nuff! What about poisonous snakes? YUP! They have those too.

Ryan Holt via Facebook
Ryan Holt via Facebook

According to the paper, Ryan is no stranger to the great outdoors. He leads wilderness retreats and guided trips for veterans, and teaches workshops that specialize in survival skills, the BDN added.

If anyone is up for this challenge, my money is on Ry Guy.

He did tell BDN that this was a really long time to be outside and naked. UM, YA THINK?! Apparently the temperature can drop to below freezing on those chilly Louisiana nights.

Ryan wasn't able to reveal if he stayed the entire 60 days so I guess we will just have to watch the show and find out!

The first episode of the season will air 8-10 p.m. on Sunday, April 25, on the Discovery Channel.

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