I love how Valentine's Day has transformed over the years. It's not the mushy gushy holiday we used to know! At least not for many people. The ladies of the sitcom "Friends" really blazed the trail back in the early 2000's. Rachel, Monica and Phoebe celebrated Valentine's Day one year by burning all of the memorabilia they still had from their exes. They of course, started a fire in Monica's apartment and the firefighters had to come and go figure, they were cute!

This year at select Burger King locations, Burger King is proving your ex is good for something. According to WMUR, It's all in spirit of the Harley Quinn movie "Birds of Prey" starring Margot Robbie. If you bring a photo of your ex, they will trade you for a free Whopper in a snazzy "Birds of Prey" themed breakup box. The closest participating restaurant is 150 Everett Ave in Boston, MA.

If you don't want to travel all the way to Boston to redeem your free Whopper, don't you fear! WMUR reports that BK is launching an in-app quiz with five questions. If you answer four correctly, you can get a $3 Whopper.

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