Cam decided to make her last show on Brad Paisley’s winter tour a memorable one, so she conspired with Eric Paslay to pull a prank on Paisley during the performance of his tune “Whiskey Lullaby.” Cam was apparently set to join him on the song, which is a duet, but Paisley soon realized he got a knock-off version of the “Burning House” singer: Paslay in a wig.

In the clip, Paslay steps on stage in Cam’s trademark yellow and a blonde curly wig, lip syncing with passion as Cam’s actual voice projects over the crowd. Paisley sees Paslay and simply turns away from the crowd as he continues to play guitar. Whether he's trying to conceal laughter or hide his embarrassment is not clear. Soon the real Cam comes out to relieve Paslay (and put Paisley out of his misery), finishing the rest of the song herself.

Paisley posted a photo collage on Instagram from the unexpected recasting later that evening, noting that Cam not only made them laugh, but allowed them the opportunity to see what Paslay would look like as a blonde.

Cam and Paslay were back in action as the second leg openers on the Crushin' It World Tour after a bout of the flu nearly put them both out of commission a few days before. Cam had to cancel her performance, while Paslay rallied, but reportedly kept a trash can nearby just in case.

The Crushin’ It World Tour continues sans-Cam through March 12, wrapping in Bloomington, Ill.

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