That's right, Virtual WOKQ Sessions, produced by Newburyport Bank, is in full swing.

Tonight, enjoy Happy Hour with Evan and Amber from Taste of Country Nights. They'll be joined by Eric Paslay at 5:30!

Listen here.

Eric Paslay

You know Eric from his huge hit "Friday Night" and he's back now after six years between albums.  This new cd is called Nice Guy.

Paslay tells Sounds Like Nashville that a lot has happened during the past six years. Some highs include getting married and having a baby, some lows include his home being ravaged by the tornadoes in Nashville in March.


The new cd has some amazing new songs including  "On This Side Of Heaven".

The title cut is "Nice Guy":

It's been a long wait in between albums and Paslay tells Sounds Like Nashville it's been tough:

“I’ve been waiting for these songs to be heard for a long time. It feels awesome that it’s finally here. There’s been many phases of this album and now this version of it is finally coming out and it’s definitely the best version of all the songs.”

Paslay will play a few songs and catch up with Evan and Amber at 5:30 today.  Enjoy!

Thanks to our friends at Newburyport Bank, Journey Well!

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