It turns out even country stars are not immune to the draw of chasing cartoon creatures in the wild, as Cam discovered when she was backstage at the Grand Ole Opry recently. The singer-songwriter tried her hand at the new Pokemon Go app, tracking down the fantastical animals with her phone behind the scenes in the iconic venue.

"This is in the great tradition of Patsy Cline, I’m playing Pokemon Go,” she joked with Bill Anderson.

Though it appears to be her first time playing the augmented-reality game — which superimposes the Pokemon characters over the player's actual surroundings — Cam was fully committed, wandering around the halls offering commentary on her performance.

“Are you guys as bad at this as I am?” she asks some of the crew with her. “This is a lot of work, this game."

She persevered and ended up catching two of the mystical creatures, challenging other performers to best her.

“Let’s see how many artists can beat my killer score,” she quips. “I got a Pidgey and Scyther."

Cam ended up having a somewhat eventful experience at the Opry when she performed, as the singer found herself unable to leave. Literally. The artist posted a photo on Instagram explaining to fans that she got her high heel stuck in the iconic wood circle in the center of the stage.

“I guess there are worse places to get stuck,” she wrote in the caption, saying that she and the audience had a good laugh together about the whole thing.

The artist is busy wedding planning and performing at several events this summer, including CMA Music Festival: Country’s Night to Rock, which airs Aug. 3. The special was filmed during CMA Fest in June and features Cam performing with some of her heroes-turned-buddies, Lady Antebellum. Her second single from Untamed, “Mayday,” is currently climbing the charts, and its Amelia Earhart-inspired video recently prompted a fan to give the artist Earhart’s book signed by the pilot herself.

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