Last weekend, I went to BankNH Pavilion to see the great Lainey Wilson.

I have been to dozens of concerts at the BankNH Pavilion, but have never camped there.

For someone who has been to a lot of shows, I recently found out that you are allowed to camp out on the venue grounds.

One of the biggest hassles about a concert is figuring out who is going to be the DD and how you're getting home. Camping takes away that predicament. If you want to have a few beers before, during, or after a show, you can, because you have a safe place to stay. So again, good on the BankNH Pavilion for offering this safe alternative.

Let's get into the review:

Price: $75

The price for parking at the BankNH Pavilion is anywhere between $20-$75 (from general to preferred). The camping price includes parking, so the price is perfect for that.

At first, you may think $75 is a lot (especially for the type of camping you are doing), but when you consider taking off the price of parking, it is a steal.

Options: Field/Festival Type Camping or Woods/Tent Camping

There are two types of camping at the BankNH Pavilion. The first option is tenting. I did not do this, but saw people parking in the designated parking area and walking up a hill and into the woods. For those looking for privacy and a "real" camping experience, this is awesome. It did seem like a pain to carry your stuff into the woods (you cannot drive to your camping spot).

The other option is the festival/field camping. This is what I did. Picture a parking lot, but on a grass field. Each party parking gets about a 9X7 (give or take) behind their car to set up a tent, grill, table, etc.

It is definitely tight, but if you sleep in your car and have a bed tent, rooftop tent, etc., this totally works.

There is also a row designated for RV/towable campers.


It is FUN. If you want a communal tailgate, this is it. This parking lot party is a blast. There are a ridiculous amount of pros to camping at the BankNH Pavilion:

  • You get to get into the venue 30 minutes earlier than other parkers.
  • You have a relatively short walk to get into the actual venue.
  • There are golf carts that will shuttle you to the entrance.
  • There are showers and bathrooms...not just porta potties.
  • You can drink as much as you like (no drinking and driving).

Fair price.


  • It is loud. This is a tailgate scene before, during, and after a show. Since the field camping is busy, you will hear your neighbors. And your neighbor's neighbors.
  • As long as you know what you are getting into, this is an awesome option that I will certainly be doing again.

Depending on your wants and needs for the night, I would recommend camping at the BankNH Pavilion 10 times out of 10.

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