We all know that a Hampton Beach rental in the summer is at a premium but many people on low or fixed income depend on the winter rental market in Hampton Beach to survive.  Prices are up.  Reporting from seacoastonline says that apartments that went for $1000 a month last year have jumped to $1,100 or $1,150 placing them out of financial range for those that need it most and for those that receive rent and fuel assistance.


As the older cottages become more run down, property owners have been selling the properties, renovating them or just tearing them down to build new.  The Hampton Beach area has seen dramatic improvements over the last decade. Secoastonline reports that Hampton Police Chief Richard Sawyer says property crimes have gone down over the years as beach development has continued.  This, of course, does not include the number of alcohol-related violations which are still a concern for police over the summer months.


Realtor Tom McGuirk, who also serves on the Zoning Board of Adjustment, has said there has been resistance from some residents to affordable housing units being constructed in town.  He says “they just said they didn’t like the type of person that was going to be attracted to that. You need all types in Hampton, quite honestly. You need the rich, the poor – that makes a community survive.”  Possibly a weak summer season has caused some property owners to up rents. The summer of the shark was not good, and we may be feeling the fall-out this winter.  Here’s hoping there is a solution that can accommodate all.



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