Carrie Underwood debuted the music video for "The Champion," her song featuring Ludacris, on Today on Friday morning (March 2). Readers can press play above to watch the sports-centric clip.

Directed by Jimmy Lynch, the "The Champion" music video features behind-the-scenes shots of Underwood and Ludacris recording the song intertwined with footage of historic moments, major sports highlights and everyday heroes. Viewers will see clips of the Nashville Predators hockey team; shots of firefighters and teachers; and even a few personal moments from throughout Underwood's career; a number of major historical movements are highlighted as well, including #MeToo.

Underwood co-wrote "The Champion" in 2017 with Brett James, Chris DeStefano and Ludacris, whom Underwood sought out for the collaboration. The anthemic track was produced by Jim Jonsin.

"When we were writing "The Champion," our main focus was to celebrate athletes at the top of their game, but we also wanted the song to resonate with people in their everyday lives,” Underwood says. “We hope the lyrics will inspire people to push themselves beyond their limits to conquer anything they are trying to accomplish or overcome. There’s a champion in every single one of us!”

According to a press release, Underwood is in the studio working on her next album. Her most recent project, Storyteller, came out in 2015.

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