The Chandler House in Manchester has been saved from demolition!

According to, a deal was struck between the Diocese of Manchester and the Currier Museum of Art to save this historic building.

Currier Director and CEO Alan Chong tells

"I need to give full credit to Mayor Joyce Craig who intervened and put the parties together – she’s been fantastic. She met with the diocese separately and together with us, and tried hard to broker a deal. Also, credit to Arthur Sullivan, who has been equally involved as an ally, and who loves the house and understands it from a preservation point of view,”

The Currier had been working on this deal for the last 3 1/2 years.

Community members also played a big part in this deal happening. About five years ago, an organization was started called Save The Chandler House. 

On their Facebook page they say "The beautiful and historic Chandler House in Manchester, NH, is in danger of being lost, replaced with a parking lot."  The goal was to not let that happen.

credit Gary Samson
credit Gary Samson

The group is now asking for help to write thank you cards to everyone that went above and beyond and preserving this beautiful building.

The group is extremely grateful:

Kate Marquis of the Save the Chandler House group tells

What’s most important is that the future of the Chandler House will now be part of the public sphere. We’re excited to help that process and to know that our participation helped in some way.”


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