So I grew up in a city in central Massachusetts called Leominster. Paul DiGiovanni, a nice Italian lad also grew up there. I never knew Paul that well but I do remember he was in my history class in seventh grade at Southeast Middle School. At that point, I was still chewing erasers off my pencils out of nervousness. (And swallowing them by the way! What is wrong with me?) That is neither here nor there.

Fast forward to High School, Paul and I both attended Leominster High School. We rolled with different crowds. HOWEVER, we did have a run in at my after school job once. I worked at Pacific Sunwear at the Searstown Mall and spent many afternoons folding jeans and positioning studded belts on mannequins. In walks Paul who heads straight over to the girls jean wall and starts picking out jeans. I asked myself if I should go over there and direct him to the boys jean wall which is located on the opposite side of the store. But the more I saw him looking the more I realized he knew exactly where he was. He was a punk rock kid and he wanted to wear girl jeans. Rock on with your bad self, Paul!

I haven't mentioned at this point that along with wearing girl jeans, Paul was an extremely talented musician. It was our Junior year when Paul got a record deal to go be in a band called "Boys Like Girls". Perhaps you've heard of it? He was out of Leominster and off to live in the city of dreams where he has had a very successful music career!

But this part coming up, it's the real kicker. Paul has been living in Nashville for a little over three years and has been writing for and collaborating with artists like Michael Ray, Blake Shelton, Dustin Lynch and Chase Bryant. AND he recently wrote a number one hit that we play on WOKQ all the time, Dan and Shays "How Not To".

And get this! Paul and his Girlfriend (American Idol Alum Katie Stevens) are in the music video. Paul plays Katie's boyfriend she has while she's still drinking.

It is so cool to see someone from my hometown doing such amazing things! Congrats on all of your success, Paul. Maybe we could have you on The Big Breakfast sometime :)

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