Remember the move Up In Smoke with Cheech & Chong?  That was one of the most talked-about movies from 1978, heck even all of the 1970s.

It was crazy, provocative, and downright hilarious.

cheech & chong cannabis company via facebook
cheech & chong cannabis company via facebook

So, it's only natural that Cheech & Chong, those dope-smoking comedic hippies from the '70s and beyond, should open a legal dispensary in Massachusetts.   Boston has been good to them over the years and throughout hundreds of shows, but Western Massachusetts is the place to be for some of the first and best dispensaries in the Bay State.

Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong came through Whatley, Massachusetts, for the grand opening of their first "dispensaria" in the state.  Their business name is Happy Feelings, with shops in Whately, Greenfield, and Northampton, according to

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The plan is to help out local businesses and the cannabis community as a whole.  Getting people what they need is their mantra, and they are still as humorous as ever.

In addition to their regular menu, they've partnered with Atlantic Beverage Distributors for the THC seltzer, High & Dry.

There were some disappointed fans who waited for hours to meet the pair at the grand opening at 424 State Road in Whately, MA.  The comedians and cannabis proponents left before meeting all their followers, with no reason given, according to their cannabis company Facebook page.

However, most are thrilled the duo is finally getting in the game where cannabis is legal, and it's about time.

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