This year, perhaps more than any other we need a big shot of Christmas Cheer.  Is there anything more magical than an outstanding display of Christmas lights?

According to, Concord is where the amazing displays are at.

Pack the kiddos in the car and take a drive through a magical light neighborhood light show. The news outlets put out the call for the best displays and readers delivered.

Streets to make sure you take notice of are Penacook area and the West Concord area of the city to Borough Road and take a slow ride around the Alice Drive Development, according to the article.

Don’t miss the Kyle Road display of magical lights. Head out of the Alice Drive Development and check out a light and Christmas display that has been more than 30 years in the making at Moore’s home on Borough Road.

The Patch article also lists some other places you should check out.

If you hit the timing right on a clear night you can see the Riverhill lights reflecting off the Contoocook River. did some excellent reporting on where to see the most magical light displays.

These individual homes bring so much joy to the kids and adults alike with the extra dose of Christmas Cheer.

I am very lucky that I live right next to the giant, decorated Christmas tree in the city of Rochester next to the Main Street Statue.  I can also see the town’s string lights on the trees from my window.  It’s beginning to look like Christmas.






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