Back to school means anything but normal this year.  The University of New Hampshire will be very different this year. reports that students returning to campus will be tested for COVID-19 before they come and frequently throughout the semester.  Not only will the students be tested frequently, so will the instructors and support staff.  Masks will be MANDATORY in all public spaces and encourage the students to practice social distancing.  For those students that will not be taking online courses, which are offered, classroom size for those classes that are held in classes will be reduced to 50 percent capacity.


It seems that UNH will be taking every feasible precaution.  They will have two dedicated student residence halls reserved for students that test positive for COVID-19 and must quarantine.  President of the University of New Hampshire, Jim Dean, tells “The University has both the responsibility and right to provide for a safe campus environment.”  The University is sending out a document to students explaining their responsibilities that will include a “statement of informed consent” and Dean emphasized that “This is not a voluntary situation,” according to


If you think you can play around with the rules, think again.  For those students that don’t follow the guidelines, they will get a warning, sent home, or can even face separation “from the university” according to Jim Dean.  Let’s hope that next year, we can get back for normal but in the meantime, it looks like UNH is doing everything in its power to keep its students safe.



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