If you live or work in the Portsmouth, New Hampshire, area you know that the construction project on Islington Street feels never ending. I pass it on the way to Hannaford’s and always say to myself “wow, this is still happening!” This story is a reminder to see the beauty in every situation. Something that feels like a minor inconvenience to you might actually bring a lot of joy to someone else.

Alexis Lang took to the (un)official City of Portsmouth NH Facebook page to share a really precious moment between her young son Jackson and a construction worker! Alexis and Jackson were going to pick up lunch at White Heron and one of the construction workers walked past their car. Jackson commented on the man’s American flag mask and he overheard and came over. He reached into his vest pocket and gave the little guy a front loader toy! He even offered to let him climb up into one of the machines parked nearby. Unfortunately they didn’t have time that day but hopefully they will take him up on his offer another time! Alexis’ son hasn’t stopped playing with his new truck, or talking about how nice “da kastruction guy” was.

Alexis Lang
Alexis Lang

Apparently other parents have also had positive experiences with this construction crew! Meg Desfosses shared in the comments that the last time they drove by the excavator “waved” to her and her three year old daughter. The three year old screamed at first because she didn’t want to be scooped up, but then realized they were just being nice. Shoutout to the construction crew on Islington Street for bringing smiles to our faces and and thanks to Alexis for sharing this awesome story. :)

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