There is some controversy over the decision to open Dover Schools virtually.

The School Board voted unanimously to approve a "primarily virtual model" according to 

There will be some exceptions. Fosters reports that there will be in-person learning for students that need it the most, such as special needs instruction.

Board Chair Amanda Russell tells Fosters that this model will be re-evaluated every three weeks.

Some parents are not happy with this decision.  There were over 50 comments on the (un) official city of Dover Facebook page.

Julie says:

"Very disappointed in the decision. I am hopeful that the remote learning problems can be fixed because spring was not successful. Aside from the actual learning piece, I am very concerned about the mental health of these kids"

Deborah says:

"This is definitely a hard thing to tackle. We prefer full time in school with a virtual option for those not comfortable with it."

Mike says:

"And what are full time working parents supposed to do now? I already work 50 hrs/week and now I have to be a teacher too.. remote learning was a disaster with my son this year... and now he has to do it all over again! This is bull!"

Other parents supported the decision.

Brian says:

"I think the school board and superintendent faced incredible challenges and made a decision that is valid. It will be re-visited and revised as the year progresses."

Rachel says:

"I’m very thankful. I want my kids back in school but we need to do it slow and make sure it’s safe! Thank you school board!"

Russell tells Fosters that she feels they made the right decision:

"I don’t want to find out if we made the right choice by using our students. I don’t want them on our conscience. We don’t know the ramifications, we don’t know the long-term effects. That terrifies me.”

What do you think?



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